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jun 1, 2022
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Myzus persicae, population dynamics, Gallega lettuce, Ditmarch cabagge, Oliver Brussels


The main vital statistics of Myzus persicae (Sulzer) on three horticultura! species: Gallega lettuce, Ditmarch
cabagge and Oliver Brussels sprout, were obtained. Aphids were reared under laboratory conditions
at 20 ± 1°C, 14:10 hours of photoperiod and a relative humidity of 60-70%. Two cohorts were used per
each horticultural species.
Daily record of change of stage, number of dead individuáis and births was kept once adult stage was
reached. Net reproductive rate (R0) appeared 4,2 times higher in Brussels sprout Oliver variety than in Galician
lettuce and 1,3 times higher than in cabbage Ditmarch var. Intrinsic growth rate (rm) was significantly
different among the three horticultural species. The aphid showed a higher capacity of survival and reproduction
on crucifer than lettuce.

Andrea. E. Kahan
María D. Bayo
Elisabet M. Ricci
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Kahan, A. E., Bayo, M. D., & Ricci, E. M. (2022). COMPORTAMIENTO POBLACIONAL DE MYZUS PERSICAE (SULZER) (HEMIPTERA: APHIDIDAE) SOBRE TRES HOSPEDEROS HORTICOLAS. Acta Entomológica Chilena, 25, 73–76. Recuperado a partir de


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