¿Por qué, cómo y qué investigado? Las preguntas sobre los Fundamentos de la investigación científica en derecho y educación

Camilla de Oliveira Vieira, Gustavo Araújo Batista, Ormezinda Maria Ribeiro


Faced with the significant increase in scientific production in the social sciences in quantitative terms, the intention of this paper is to problematize the research challenge in law and education, starting from the project EDUCATION, RIGHT AND PHILOSOPHY: an interdisciplinary reflection for a democracy under
construction... By means of the questions "why", "how" and "for" we propose a reflection on science from different perspectives ranging from the different logics that govern the dynamics of knowledge production to the unfolding of research
in the social context. In "why" we deal with the motivational aspects that govern scientific doing; In "how" we present some theoretical-methodological approaches especially in order to face the challenge of epistemology and
finally in "why" we question the extent to which research has the potential to interfere in the practice of a given reality. Among the main authors used in the analysis are the studies by Weber (1993), Bourdieu (2004), Bachelard
(1958), Brandão (2010), Cavalcanti (2014), Chiarello (2015), Gamboa Santos (2009), among others who understand science as dynamic, social and part of a historical reality.

Palabras clave

Research; Education; Right; Philosophy; Interdisciplinarity

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